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Help Desk

Axonade Help Desk

We provide coverage and technical support for the maintenance system of the WMS (warehouse management system), hardware, databases and operating systems and those peripheral systems and equipments, directly related to the WMS and the Customers’ Logistics Center.

This service will be controlled by a control mechanism and follow-up system to monitor the changes and incidents provided to the customer through three support levels

Axonade Help Desk Level 0

User at the Customer Logistics Center

Represented by the logistics operator at the the customer center premises, acting as a first filter to record the relevant incidence / improvement related to the registered ticketing tool.

Axonade Help Desk Level 1

Initial support Axonade

Collects and conducts an initial review of the incident. It is an initial support level, being responsible of the basic customer incidents. It is the responsible for receiving by any of the available ways (telephone, web, mail) all incidents recorded by the Level 0, for collecting all customer information and for evaluating the impact by analysing the symptoms and detections of the underlying problem. The initial support adds supplementary information in order to open the ticket, and its follow-up is upped to the Level 2 or to other providers / departments. All that is developed, again, within the methodological context of the Help-Desk of the Customer.

Axonade Help Desk Level 2

Advanced Support Axonade

Incidents Resolution that requires a high technical expertise: Functional / parameterisation (WMS), Development (RPG, Java, CL, .NET),Systems Technology, Terminals, Equipments and printers.

Scope of Service
  • Coverage of 365 days x 7 days a week x 24 hours a day.
  • Demand management to control the incidents and improvements.
  • Possibility of implementation of ticketing tools or adaptation to those provided by the customer.
  • Information systems in real time: KPI’s, Query’s, etc …
  • All the related to the systems technics on the servers is included.
  • Possibility to join the On-Site physical Mode Service at the Logistics Center premises upon request.
  • Monitoring and alerting systems.
  • Incidents Analysis and its casuistry in order to improve continuously allowing an evolution of the processes .
  • Inclusion of different SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreed with the customer.

If you run a Warehouse or if you are thinking of a new facility. Do not hesitate, contact us.


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