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Axonade Consulting

In Axonade Solutions we develop the warehouses’s logistics on a comprehensive way, coordinating from the beginning the requirements of the Functional-Operative and Technical or Systems and Infrastructure areas. Taking as an example an implementation project of a Warehouse’s

Management System and depending on the customers’ needs, we apply our own widely contrasted methodologies jointly with the necessary initiatives to cover and coordinate the whole project: training, infrastructures, processes reengineering …

Strategic plans for a long-term management of the warehouse

Axonade Consulting Planes Estratégico y Operativos

Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Definition of the initiatives linked to the strategy
  • Implantable and realistic initiatives
  • General overview of all initiatives: long-term approach and prioritising quick improvements on a short term
  • Development of a roadmap including: a project portfolio (infrastructure and Informatics Systems), activities, goals, dates, emplacements, costs, and contingencies to be treated if not met some of the goals of the action plan
  • Effective communication plans

Project Management Office. Maximize system efficiency

Axonade Consulting Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos

Project Management Office
  • Control over the portfolio and evolution or its management, programs and projects
  • Proper development of the projects through the methodology, quality models and risk control
  • Control over the costs, prioritisation of tasks, synergies, risk control and contingencies
  • Follow-up about the execution and project delivery
  • Improvement on the dissemination of the progress and goals of the project to take the decision and actions to be executed
  • Processes Communication Management, about the change and training actions

Systems Implementation. Extensive experience

Axonade Consulting Implantación de Sistemas

Systems Implementation
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Systems Integration:messaging / middleware, automata, etc … implementation
  • Resource planning systems ERP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Maintenance, development and application upgrade
  • Analysis and system selection
  • Exploitation of the information in real time

Process Reengineering. Widely proven methodologies

Axonade Consulting Reingeniería de Procesos

Process Reengineering
  • Study, analysis, diagnosis and evolution of the processes
  • Improvements based on operational best practices
  • Improvements oriented to the systems to be implemented
  • Design and implementation of new processes in the context of the new implementation
  • Change management of the processes

Infraestructures. A necessary step

Axonade Consulting Infraestructuras

  • Structural study and definition of structured cabling and electrical points
  • Study of the Radio frequency coverage, Wi-Fi and DECT
  • Definition of the electronic network, according to the needs
  • Perimeter security and high elements availability
  • Lighting study, according to the risk prevention
  • Calculation of uninterruptible power supplies and its structure

If you are thinking on installing a new warehouse or you want to improve the efficiency of the current one, do not hesitate, contact us


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